New Zealand Improv Festival – systems go!

A lightbulb moment.So I missed the first night of the New Zealand Improv Festival in Wellington. I was filling in for Kate Mead on Sound Lounge. And I’ll miss the second night too. I’m filling in for Kate Mead on Nights with Bryan Crump. (See what happens when people take leave from work?!)

But I’ll be there the third, fourth and fifth nights, playing musical accompaniment for ten different shows. You should come. Book at BATS Theatre.

Two in particular leap out at me as being very exciting:

The Long Weekend. I blogged about this a few weeks ago but since then I’ve actually workshopped it with the players! The ideas they have will make for some emotionally honest improv – the disconnect between idealised memories of uni days and the reality of late-20s-hood / early-30s-hood is perfect fodder for interpersonal relationships to laugh and cry over. Thu 13 October, 9:30pm.

Rebecca De Unamuno is… Open to Suggestion. I’ve performed with Rebecca in festivals in Wellington, Melbourne and Adelaide. She’s one of the most fantastic improvisers I know, and I think this’ll be the first time I’ve seen her do her solo show. I get to be her musician on acoustic guitar, and I have the feeling I’m going to get a lot out of it. As well as that, John Smythe has high praise. Fri 14 October, 8:00pm.

However, like any good parent, I love all my children shows equally. Just some of them are more special than others.

Finally, I’m particularly looking forward to massive multi-muso on the final night, when I’ll join with Tane Upjohn-Beatson and Sam Smith to make an improv band.

Until then, back to writing my slot for Nights!