Austen Found – Zombie Time

Pride and Pestilence.

Pride and Pestilence.

I should blog about Austen Found – Zombie Time.

The short of it: I have played pianoforte for 31 public performances of Austen Found: The Undiscovered Musicals of Jane Austen. We debuted it at the 2008 New Zealand Improv Festival in Wellington, sold out our drama school rehearsal room at the 2010 Adelaide Fringe, and were extremely well received in October last year as part of the STAMP Programme in Auckland.

Penny Ashton has more background on her own blog.

This new show, well, it’s a bit of a twist. I won’t have workshopped exactly this format with the cast before I get there, but all of us have improvised together before so I’m sure it’ll be just cooking. It is my first gig under the brand new Instant Kiwis banner – quite exciting.

I am on the 5:10pm flight out of Dunedin, I’ll get to Auckland Airport just before 7pm, allow an hour for the Air Bus to drop me a block away from Q and then I’ve got an hour to warm up before the 9pm show. No pressure, Air New Zealand.

Two weeks ago I played music for a zombie burlesque show. This week I do a zombie Austen show. Two weeks from now I should logically be part of an Austen burlesque show. Two words: ankle pasties.

Anyway, everyone book if you’re in Auckland. It’s at the same time as the Rugby World Cup third-place playoff, but who really cares about that?