At the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra’s rehearsal of Relish in Immature Bombast in 2012.

I compose and arrange works for orchestras, chamber ensembles, choirs, classical soloists… all sorts that might be classified as “dots-on-paper”. (Also comedy songs and musicals – see Comedy Songmaker and Music Director.)

My compositions are represented by SOUNZ: Centre for New Zealand Music. You can buy scores and view my profile and see videos and stuff —> here.

With Ross Harris at the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra’s recording of Feral, Wellington, 2009.

I held the 2012 University of Otago Mozart Fellowship, a one-year full-time composer residency in Dunedin, New Zealand. I’ve also been the Auckland Youth Orchestra Composer-in-Residence (2012), and I’ve won competitions like the NZSO/Todd Young Composers Award (2009), and the Douglas Lilburn Memorial Prize (2006 & 2007).

There are letters after my name which indicate I know how to compose good: I have a Bachelor of Music (Honours) in Composition from the University of Auckland, where I studied with John Elmsly, Eve de Castro-Robinson, and John Coulter.


Performing the Root Vegetable Opera with Jonathan Berkahn, Wellington, 2014.

I compose musicals too. (Also see Music Director.) These have included (co-written with):

  • Alien Locusts from Beyond the Stars! (C.J. Tuor, Chicago, 2017)
  • Olive Copperbottom (Penny Ashton, Auckland and on tour, 2017 onwards)
  • Camp Psychopathways (Danny Galvin & Brad Pike, Chicago, 2016)
  • Ask Your Doctor (Jillian Mueller, Chicago, 2016-17)
  • The Great Annoyance Melodrama and Vaudeville Holiday Revue (C.J. Tuor, Chicago, 2015)
  • Self-Starters (Danny Galvin, Andi Sharavsky, Gretchen Eng & Jonathan Love, Chicago, 2015)
  • At Least We Have Our Jobs (Francesca Emms, Radio New Zealand Wellington, 2013)
  • Annie & Joshua (Thomas Sainsbury, Auckland, 2013)
  • Promise & Promiscuity (Penny Ashton, Auckland and on tour, 2013 onwards)

Who has performed my music?


Chamber ensembles:

Choirs and vocal ensembles:

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