Comedy Songmaker

At Song Sale Auckland, 2014.

I write comedy songs and perform them, usually singing from the piano. I write about kind of anything really: I like playing with language, with multiple languages, offbeat musical styles, and subject matter that irritates me.

I’m recording an album in October 2017 at Orange Studios in Christchurch! It’ll be released in early 2018.

Where I do it

I perform in all sorts of contexts. Stand-up comedy, sketch, opening for improv, cabaret, places where I don’t have to supply my own piano.

At the iO Musical Comedy Tournament, 2017.

I’ve done feature-length gigs at:

I’ve also been the host and funny song maker for Classical Cabaret, on 98.7 WFMT Chicago. (See Broadcaster for more.)

Song Sale

At MCL Chicago, 2015.

A while ago I organised these shows where audience members commissioned songs to be written on the night.

  • Song Sale Auckland (2014)
  • Song Sale Dunedin (2012)

This format Song Sale was invented by Saran Goldie-Anderson and Rose Duxfield in Wellington. I might bring it back, who knows!


Funny songs are everywhere

I also write and co-write songs for sketch shows and musicals. (See Music Director, Composer.)

Not strictly songs but

2013-2014 I co-authored a Tumblr then a book called the Eketahuna German Literature Society, where Cordelia Black and I wilfully mistranslated classic German poetry into strongly flavoured New Zealand English.

We’ve mostly sold out of copies but if you’re extremely interested I might have a few left. You can find it in some public libraries in New Zealand.

More songs

Augmented Fourth

We’re Augmented Fourth.

In 2014 I had a musical comedy duo with Sam Smith. We performed in the New Zealand International Comedy Festival and in Song Sale. We made songs together.