Music Director

MDing for VAMP at MCL Chicago, 2015.

I’m a music director for improv, sketch, and musical theatre. This involves:

  • playing piano
  • writing songs and music
  • building and operating sound design
  • teaching songs and vocal coaching
  • teaching skills of music improv and comedy songwriting
  • improvising and keeping the show going!

Where I do it

Working for Second City aboard the Norwegian Breakaway, 2017.

I’ve worked for The Second City aboard two Norwegian Cruise Line ships performing improv and sketch, and I also teach at the Second City Training Center in Chicago.

I also work all around other Chicago theatres, and quite a bit in New Zealand and Australia.


Promoting Hitch*cocktails at the Ogilvie Transportation Center in Chicago, 2015.

My current regular groups include:

and I’ve played with other groups like:

  • Hitch*cocktails (narrative genre long-form)
  • Rhyme and Punishmint (narrative musical long-form)
  • and other indies!


Poster for A Boy/Girl Party, a 2017 sketch show by Legends in the Game.

I’ve music directed, composed, and done sound design for these sketch groups:

  • the Second City Training Center Writing Program
  • Legends in the Game
  • Supper Club
  • Salsation Theatre Company
  • and other indie groups!


I teach at the Second City Training Center in Chicago, working as a music director. I go into improv and sketch writing classes to show students how music relates to comedy, and play for Training Center shows as a music director.

I’ve also taught workshops at:


Two 2016 musicals: Ask Your Doctor and Camp Psychopathways.

I’ve been music director for musicals with these companies:


In some of these instances I also wrote the music. (See Composer.)

Former companies

At the 2014 New Zealand Improv Festival in Wellington.

Back when I lived in New Zealand I worked a lot with these improv companies:

Festivals I’ve done

At the 2016 New York Music Improv Festival.

I perpetually keep meaning to go back.

With Lori Dungey, Colin Mochrie and Penny Ashton at ConArtists’ 20th anniversary, Auckland 2007.