Metric System

My second album of comedy songs, all arranged by me and all mixed by Matt Griffo.

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Track list:
1. Metric System
2. Pandering to Nerds
3. Ska (is the Greatest Genre in the World)
4. Michigan
5. Relaxed (The Jair Bolsonaro Song)
6. OMG West Loop! (feat. Liz Falstreau & Lisa Burton)
7. Suburban Chain Italian Restaurant
8. Forty-Five Seconds
9. Millennial Pop (feat. Bonnie Gordon)
10. I’m Gonna Punch You in the Face
11. Philip Glass
12. Midlife Crisis Blues
13. Sad Song
14. The Mall Song
15. Trashflake
16. Testaments
17. Bread, Cheese, Heat
18. Boston Sports

RE-002 (released November 4, 2022)
UPC: 7 55491 25523 0


My debut album of comedy songs, recorded principally at Orange Studios in Christchurch.

You can contact me directly for CDs – 15 USD or 20 NZD, plus shipping.

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“a very talented entertainer…he covers lots of bases” – Dr. Demento

“Be careful… you need to be prepared for a few belly laughs.” – William Dart, RNZ Concert

Track list:
1. Symphony No 1 in Eb
2. Book Club
3. Flat White
4. An Icelandic Psychedelic Rock Song About Poland
5. Malört
6. Bike Lane
7. Ukulele Comedy Song
8. Flying Monkeys
9. How Many Legs
10. I am a Cat
11. Pumpkins
12. Root Vegetable Opera
13. Where I’m From
14. Love is a Four-Letter Word
15. Dry July

RE-001 (released April 2, 2018)
UPC: 7 55491 11487 2

Interview about Pumpkins and other things on Nine to Noon on RNZ National:

Pumpkins featured on New Horizons on RNZ Concert (from 15:34):

Interview about Pumpkins on Standing Room Only on RNZ National:

We All Miss Hugs

Produced by Good Ass Group, a collective of ten Chicago-connected comedy songwriters isolated by the pandemic. Available on Bandcamp.

The album features these songs:

Zoom Singalong: written and produced by me, it’s a power ballad about self-isolation and laggy internet.

HBO: Co-written with Devin Middleton and produced by me, this is a strange Lawrence Welk-style clarification of the various HBO streaming services.

Lactose Intolerance: A track by Devin Middleton/Debonair Status, featuring 16 bars from me as a New Zealand dairy farmer.

There are fifteen further songs to which I contributed piano, vocals, trumpets, and/or nothing at all.

Good Ass Group is Becca Nix Tham, Devin Middleton/Debonair Status, Heather Meza, Jake Dewar, Jamie Shriner Biddle, Matt Haas, Noelle Hoffman, Robbie Ellis, Ross Childs, and Tague Zachary.

Released October 2, 2020 on Bandcamp.

The FuMP

The Funny Music Project, popularly known as The FuMP, releases funny music. I release singles there sometimes, and they appear on two-monthly compilation albums.

Volume 83 (September-October 2020)

Featuring my Billy Joel parody Listing All The List Songs.
(Buy on The FuMP | Listen on Spotify)

Volume 85 (January-February 2021)

Featuring my original Breathe (Mid-November 2020).
(Buy on The FuMP | Listen on Spotify)

Volume 86 (March-April 2021)

Featuring my mashup My Girl’s WAP (explicit).
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The FuMP Desecrates Tom Lehrer

A collection of covers featuring my performance of Wernher von Braun, plus my setting of the obscure Oh, Mr Nash, New Zealand-specific lyrics written by Tom Lehrer while on tour in 1960.

Released December 15, 2023.
(Buy on The FuMP)

Other Musical Comedians

Responsibly Stupid

Jake Dewar, Comedian-Tragedian, invited me to be a featured artist on “Indefatigable”, a ska song on his album Responsibly Stupid. I contributed vocals, trumpet and trombone.

Released October 2018.

Smarm-Proof Lobster Cabinet

Insane Ian has a collection of originals, remixes and live performances. This album contains live performances from the November 2022 release show for my album Metric System: Ian performed his own “Corey Can’t Even” and my “Pandering to Nerds”.

Released March 2023 (Bandcamp).

Parlour Games

An album of New Zealand compositions commissioned and performed by the Jade String Quartet, featuring my string quartet Fragments of Noir.

Available on CD and for download from Rattle Records.
(on Spotify on Apple Music)

Work list:
– David Hamilton: Parlour Games
– Peter Adams: Look to the Far Horizon
– Kenneth Young: Nocturne for String Quartet
– Peter Scholes: String Quartet No 1
– Leonie Holmes: Fragment II
– Karlo Margetić: Ricercar
– John Elmsly: String Quartet in Three Movements
– Robbie Ellis: Fragments of Noir

RAT-D073 (released August 2017)
UPC: 8 22601 40073 3

Jonny Doom & The Forcefields

I was in a ska band when I was at uni, playing bass guitar and keyboards. We released two EPs. I wrote one song on each of them.

Hey Jen!

With my song What Do You Want From Me?.

(Released 14 May 2005)

The Corporation That Turned The Sun Into Jelly

With my song Ska Waltz of Doom.

(Released 18 August 2006)

Eketahuna German Literature Society

Not an album, but a book! Classic German-language poetry printed alongside wilful mistranslations into New Zealand English – very strong New Zealand English. Co-written with Cordelia Black.

The book is out of print but the poems are still at the EGLS Tumblr.

ISBN: 978-0-473-27989-9 (released April 2014)