Are you ready for the first blog update in nearly two yeeeee


Not that big, but two things. Three things. Four things.

One: I updated the look of this website. The main imperative was to minimise the fact that I’m bad at updating a blog. A secondary outcome was to split my professional life into different categories: my work is now sorted by Comedy SongmakerMusic DirectorComposer and Broadcaster. (They’re all in the menu at the top.)

Two: I got myself a Facebook page, finally. I’m Robbie Ellis Musics.

Three: I’m now presenting a regular time slot on 98.7 WFMT Chicago. You can hear me on Sundays, 12pm-5pm. (Central Time, obviously. Do your own maths if you live somewhere else.)

Four: I am recording an album of my comedy songs. Finally. Recording will take place in October. I’m paying for a real studio (two of them, actually) and real musicians on instruments I can’t play well, such as fl cl sax tpt tbn gtr vln vla vc. There will soon be a crowdfunding campaign and a fundraiser concert in Chicago.

I’ll leave you with one such comedy song which is kinda new – WFMT has video’d a bunch of them at Classical Cabaret – you can see them here. Book Club (below) is a 2017 song and it’ll definitely be on the album.