Pumpkins everywhere, including The Den on April 15.

Dear world,

My debut album of comedy songs is out! It’s called Pumpkins.
– Listen on Bandcamp, and buy CDs, downloads and T-shirts there!
– Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music!
– Stream on Spotify!

And come to The Den Theatre in Chicago on Sunday April 15 for an Album Party! Doors open at 6:30pm, and it is FREE.

Here’s the Facebook event – I’ve got Jake Dewar, Abby Vatterott and Witty Cindy opening. The three of them are covering songs from Pumpkins: Track 6 (Bike Lane), Track 10 (I am a Cat) and Track 4 (An Icelandic Psychedelic Rock Song About Poland) respectively.

I have even more friends covering my songs, including six people from Riff: Chicago’s Improv Party. Also on the bill: Arne Parrott aka Mister Arne, who in addition to covering Track 7 (Ukulele Comedy Song) is joining me for this one-off number we co-wrote last year:

Come out for a fun night at The Den (1331 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago):
– Doors 6:30pm
– Absolutely free!
– Except if you want to buy CDs, downloads and T-shirts.
– Oh by the way there will be T-shirts.

Pumpkins everywhere!

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