The weekend

So it’s the weekend – the time between two runs of shows, and the time in which I can do a load of washing.

Last night was the close of The First Asian A* B* – it was a reasonably successful season, considering that shows from Auckland seldom get the same audience numbers as Wellington shows. There’s just not the same degree off on-the-ground promotion.

Tonight is the opening of Zomburlesque. Out of the band of six players, I’m the only one not to have seen any rehearsal of the action yet. But I’ve received descriptions from those who have… I reckon it’ll be epic.

I don’t have any proper training as a brass player, so today – with a rehearsal and soundcheck as well as a show – I’ll be saving my chops. Band-leader Hans Landon-Lane will be saving his voice too.

Aside from that I’ve been enjoying The Engine Room and Public Service Announcements, our BATS-mates (is that a word?). I ended up reviewing The Engine Room for Theatreview, and I feel it raises a bunch of questions. One is whether it’s okay to be apathetic about important political issues, or whether anyone should have the right to not get involved, regardless of how heated and intense the circumstances become. Furthermore, at what point does apathy and non-involvement become the best option; the most peaceful option? You can consider those questions yourself by catching The Engine Room at BATS. It runs until Saturday 8 October.

Moving away from Wellington (literally), I’ve been keeping track of the Dunedin rental property market. My frame of reference is the rectangle of Google Maps, but I feel like I’ve got a basic understanding of the city centre, the university area and the close-in suburbs. My Trade Me watchlist is well-stocked, and in a week or two I’ll start making appointments to see properties to rent. I’ll be down in Dunedin from 19 to 21 October, although I’ll only have really one and a half days to look at places. Pack the time in then!

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