Signing Off

Two of my last podcastable contributions to Radio New Zealand as an employee:

Yesterday was the broadcast date for my final piece for Upbeat, a show I’ve moved up the ranks with. Starting as fill-in assistant producer (for a day or two at a time), I eventually became fill-in producer (for a day or two at a time) and once or twice even fill-in presenter (for a day or two at a time). Along the way I supplied them with plenty of extra packages here and there – all sort of in addition to the job I’m actually employed to do.

This is audio about beer. I visited Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY as part of the Glimmerglass Festival.

(Upbeat, 22 December 2011)

The second piece I did live-to-air tonight, pre-show at Q Theatre before An Instant Kiwi Christmas. It’s great to work with all the Auckland improv crew again, and some new crew too. New musician Alika Downie and I combined for some double-muso action – she brought wind instruments, I brought a trumpet and a guitar, and we swapped keys duties.

Earlier this week, Bryan Crump from Nights on Radio New Zealand National put a call out to RNZ employees who were travelling at Christmas time, interviewing some of us for a segment called “Christmas Rush”. Bryan and his producer Rockin’ Robyn were good enough to schedule me first up, at 7:20pm. (My show started at 8.)

(Nights, 23 December 2011)

And if you don’t fully comprehend the reference in the title of this blog, watch this:

Signing Off