Wellywood Sign Song No 2

The title is now a misnomer in a way, but it’s been in my repertoire since May and I just had to put it up on the web to mark the occasion.

If you don’t get it, this may help.

Thanks to Bonnie Riley (whose name is ever so close to Bonnie Tyler) for the non-lead vocals and to Sam Smith for lending me his guitar and amp. Also credit is due to Joseph Sherman-Mendez, Chaz Harris and Morgan Samuel of Seriously Tanked (my 2011 48Hours Furious Filmmaking team-mates) for the initial inspiration. (This happened the same weekend.)

This has been a great excuse to get to grips with video editing software, in this case Final Cut Express. Audio I’ve always been fine with, video has long eluded me.

Also, I’d like to share a graphic which I prepared before the announcement but didn’t get to use in the video:

Ceiling Taniwha is watching you.