It’s been only eight weeks since I was last in Auckland, but a lot has changed In Time For The™ Rugby World Cup™. I went for a wander and tweeted my thoughts.

  • Impression No 1: They tidied up the airport a bit before having guests over.
  • Impression No 2: Approaching Wynyard Quarter from Beaumont St, there ain’t the feeling you’re coming to anything spesh.
  • Impression No 3: Wynyard Quarter looks a bit of alright. But only a bit.
  • Impression No 4: Why, Mr City Link driver, did you run to Commerce St when I pushed bell on Fanshawe? Change for game day?
  • Impression No 5: Queen’s Wharf is looking bloody good. Prices steep but not unbecoming of a major world sporting event.
  • Impression No 6: Britomart Concourse is starting to resemble a real rail station. The sooner they Flinderise it the better.
  • Impression No 7: In 1-2 hrs, pedestrian volumes will justify closing Queen St to cars from Mayoral to Customs. Won’t happen.
  • Impression No 8: [Auckland Art Gallery] exterior looks amazing! But 4 tourists saw the temp site on Wellesley&Lorne and were confused.
  • Auckland Art Gallery's subliminal suggestion.

    Auckland Art Gallery's subliminal suggestion.

    Impression No 9: Just left [Auckland Art Gallery]. This is what I’m doing tomorrow [pic].

  • Impression No 10, overheard leaving the Queens Wharf Booze Barn: “That was pretty av, ay.”
  • Impression No 11, from the corner of Darby & Elliott Sts. More of Auckland should be like this. Bits of Newmarket, perhaps?
  • Impression No 12: Aotea Square, significantly underutilised for [the Rugby World Cup]. A good thing?
  • Impression No 13: [Q Theatre] I quite like you, well, the publicly accessible bits at least. Greys Ave end still the same.
  • Impression No 14: [University of Auckland National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries] is setting up some cool shit in Myers Park atm, hope the weather holds up for the Fan Trail.

Also, I forgot to mention that it was good to see The Improvisors doing their roaming character thing down at Queens Wharf. Kenny King was Captain James Cook, the others were generic scurvy dogs.

After that tweet’n’walk, I saw The First Asian A* B* at the Basement in advance of the Wellington season (opens Thu 22 September). Andrew Corrêa was doing the live music on a digital piano, ukulele, congas, egg shaker, tinwhistle and domestic bell. I suspect I won’t replicate his instrumentation completely but I’ve come away with a lot of ideas.

Immediately upon the end of the show (7:35pm) I walked the Fan Trail to Eden Park to see Ireland defeat Australia (started at 8:30pm). That was quite satisfying, wearing my bright green Newtown hoodie to express my support of a) the underdog b) not Australia.

Lastly, I’m considering buying a North Harbour rugby shirt to wear during performances of The First Asian A* B*… I think it’d be a nice touch. You can buy this year’s shirt for $160, or last year’s shirt for $100. I can’t say the black really appeals to me though… whatever happened to the white shirt with the black & burgundy stripe? Must be years old…