Silly graphics

Actual work I’m doing:
– Being a real composer with three commissions on the go. All of them involve violin and/or piano.
– Preparing the comedy show Augmented Fourth with Sam Smith. An hour of musical comedy, in both Auckland and Wellington for the New Zealand International Comedy Festival.
– Editing and working up a book of poems from the Eketahuna German Literature Society.
– Writing songs for a musical theatre collaboration with Thomas Sainsbury.
– Tidying up other sheet music and recordings here and there.

Procrastination I’m doing:
– An anagram map of the Congestion Free Network.

I’ve been following the Auckland-focused for a long time. Their collaboration with Generation Zero and the Campaign for Better Transport last year was a superbly clear vision for the future that reached a lot of people, and the maps made us reimagine our city. Aucklanders are starting to realise that efficient, modern public transport doesn’t just have to be for overseas cities, and one of the spin-off benefits is playing silly buggers with maps.


Anyway, here’s Anal Duck as you’ve never seen it before. Where possible, I tried to make the anagrams fit the place:
– Silverdale = Avid Resell (full of outlet shops)
– Devonport = Pot Vendor (lots of antiquey places)
– Britomart = Tram Orbit (well, once they extend the line from Wynyard Quarter…)
– Grafton = Fang Rot (there is a hospital there, and I presume dental surgeries too)
– Pt Chevalier = Vehicle Trap (down the end it is)
– Smales Farm = Rams’ Flames (that’s what happens when you hold laser light shows on a farm)
– Ellerslie = Seller Lie (I bought a car from the car fair there, it died 18 months later)
– Redvale = LED Rave (it’s near Snow Planet)
– Greenhithe = Neigh There (I can attest that there are plenty of horsey people in the area)
– Glen Eden = Glendene (they are adjacent suburbs after all)
– Ranui = A Ruin (stink for you)
– Mount Roskill = Tourism Knoll (a slight exaggeration of its purpose)
– Interchange Station = Sanctioning Theatre (I hope they do)
and my favourite:
– Waitakere Hospital = Weak Oral Hepatitis.