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New-ish photos!

24 Jan

These images were taken by Kate Little, an Auckland photographer beloved of New Zealand’s comedian community. Thanks to the New Zealand Comedy Trust for kicking in some subsidy with these.

I’ve been using these all over: 9746 is on my business card, 9797 is my LinkedIn profile pic, and 9856 & 9858 are just fun!

If you need to promote anything me-related, you’re welcome to use these photos with a credit to Kate Little. Wonderful!

Zomburlesque reviews coming in.

16 Mar

Taking a narcissistic point of view, which is the more quotable review quote in the long run?

Jonathan W. Marshall on Zomburlesque for Theatreview:

A special non-zombie, non-burlesque treat is when Ellis, showing a musical and comic virtuosity which would not be out of place in the old Cotton Club’s own stage shows, effectively plays both the trumpet and the trombone at once, calling on the cast beside him to hold one instrument as he reaches to grab the next and immediately continue the same musical phrase on a new instrument.

From the same review::

…apparently heterosexual…

The second one is just a bit punchier, a bit more concise… brevity is, after all, a virtue.

With my lovely assistants, Jepha Krieg aka The Purple Rose aka Georgie; and Hans Landon-Lane aka Clever Hansel aka The Right Reverend Dr Aloysius Splitfoot. Photo taken last night by Deano Shirriffs.

(More photos on Facebook.)


20 Nov

Photo: Gareth Watkins / Lilburn Trust / Wallace Arts Trust

My new default publicity shot accompanied by my new default publicity shot credit. (Photo: Gareth Watkins / Lilburn Trust / Wallace Arts Trust)

A couple of months ago, I was photographed by Gareth Watkins. Gareth is a photographer, media producer and a work colleague of mine (by day he’s a studio engineer at Radio New Zealand).

He had asked me to be part of Composer 015 – a project to photograph and interview 15 New Zealand composers aged from their mid-20s to their early 90s! It’s currently a work in progress, supported by the Lilburn Trust and the Wallace Arts Trust. I believe that once the photos are compiled, they’ll be published in book form… I think that’s right? I should probably know.

Anyway, the pictures went up on the web yesterday and I’m really happy with them! I did veto four that you won’t see – one really looked like my criminal mugshot, and in another I was smiling but squinting a bit too tightly.

We did the photographs at Gareth’s house in Mt Cook, Wellington and in the grounds of the National War Memorial. Gareth by no means objects to smiley photographs, but it’s clear to see he leans towards capturing a neutral expression. (That is the viewpoint of an uninformed photography neophyte, but I can see it in other composers in the series: Alex Taylor; Claire Cowan; Jack Body; Lyell Cresswell; Samuel Holloway.)

An objective of mine was to get plenty of good publicity shots, so I came out very happy – a very real preoccupation since I’ve always felt subconscious about holding a smile on cue.

The full collection of 24 photos is here, and on that same page you can also listen to audio of me talking about composing or some such. Here are my favourite shots:

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