Past My Bedtime

Date: Sat 22 February 2020
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Chicago
Improv | Sketch

An improvised talk show followed by a sketch show.

Writers: Catherine Cable-Barber, Kirsten Butler, Nick Coffman, Rosie Kreitman, Melissa Lapray, Stephanie Westfall, & Geoff Winston.
Performers: Catherine Cable-Barber, Nick Coffman, Melissa Lapray, Stephanie Westfall, Angad Verma, & Geoff Winston.
Music Director: Robbie Ellis.
Directors: Kirsten Butler & Geoff Winston

Saturdays, February 1 to 22, 10:30pm
Donny’s Skybox, Second City (230 W North Ave, Chicago)

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What I’m doing: I’m music director, doing the original sound design and playing the keys.