The munging of the tunes

Lorde and Dave Dobbyn both have hit songs where the title rhymes with oil.. or oils. Kinda. Royals is currently No 1 on the US Billboard Chart. Loyal was going to be once again overexposed once Team New Zealand won the America’s Cup, but then they didn’t.


This is me in my bedroom. It has nearly 4,000 views in a day-and-a-bit:

This is me in my lounge playing that Yamaha Electone B-60 I bought for $100 off Trade Me. It has pretty much 0 views because I only just uploaded it now:

Also, congratulations Dave Dobbyn on your imminent induction to the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame. Hope you’re okay with me wrecking your song. And congratulations Lorde on your Number One single. Hope you’re okay with that one blogger calling you a racist.